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Nothing Says Christmas Like The Cut Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

cut Christmas treeThink of Christmas, think of cut Christmas trees, you are most likely thinking of the Norway Spruce. Most people cannot put the name to it, but that is the traditional Christmas tree. Some people love them, others detest them because of the extra work that cut Christmas trees bring – when it all boils down – that is what Christmas is all about.

The Norway Spruce is popular because of its strong branches. These branches make it easy for anyone, the youngest child included, to decorate the tree without causing too much damage. The biggest downfall, it does drop needles quickly if it gets too warm. Instead of using the traditional Christmas lights, use LED lights. They generate very little heat so they will not harm the tree.

Cut trees come in a range of sizes. The spruce comes in seven different sizes ranging from around the five foot mark to upwards of ten feet. Pick the size that most suits your needs then prepare your decorations. There is nothing like a cut Christmas tree covered in tinsel, lights, baubles and of course, the mandatory star. There is nothing quite like the look on children’s faces when they see the tree in all its glory.

If you really want to bring a little bit of tradition back into your Christmas then consider the cut Norway Spruce Christmas tree.