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Christmas Trees Will Last For Weeks With The Right Care

Cut Christmas trees – the fresh smell of the forest brought indoors and with it, the mess. It doesn’t have to be – the mess, I mean. If you follow a couple of simple steps, your cut Christmas tree will last for weeks and weeks with very little in the way of mess – and not much extra in the way of work.

When you first bring your Christmas tree home, place it somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. Make sure it has plenty of water, standing it in a bucket will do to begin with. When you’re ready to take it indoors, cut off a good couple of inches from the base – this will break the seal that may have formed and allow your tree to keep drinking.

Once inside, place your tree in a suitable stand with plenty of fresh water. Keep the tree away from direct sunlight and drafts and that’s it. Make sure it has water all the time – in fact, your tree’s biggest enemy is dehydration. This is caused by too much heat and not enough water. Control those issues and you won’t have too many problems with the tree. Here is one tip from the Christmas trees experts that will ensure you have little in mess to begin with:

Before bringing your tree inside hold the tree up-right and bang the bottom of the tree onto the ground. This will remove any old needles which the tree naturally sheds throughout its life.

From the experts – shake out all the loose material from your cut Christmas tree before you take it inside then keep it well hydrated at all times.