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Caring For Your Live Potted Christmas Tree

With the right care, your live potted Christmas tree may be a one off investment that will serve you well for many years to come. If you neglect your tree – you will be lucky to see it last until Christmas Day.

Caring for that tree is fairly easy and straight forward. There are three areas to cover prior and during Christmas and three areas to cover after Christmas.

Like all living plants, trees require the right light, temperature and water. Christmas trees are generally not indoor plants. However, they are hardy and will comfortably withstand the Christmas period indoors. When you first get your live tree, keep it outside, give it adequate water without drowning it or letting the pot dry out.

Once inside, place your tree where it will not suffer from heat damage. They prefer cooler areas of the house, certainly away from any heat sources.

After Christmas, the three things your tree needs is acclimatization, a bigger home and food. You can acclimatize your tree by placing it in a cool shady area for several weeks. You can then either plant it out into your garden or pot it out to a bigger pot. Do this before spring. Finally, during the growing season, give it some fertilizer – you know, they need feeding just like us.

Look after your live potted Christmas tree and it will serve you well for years to come. The tree itself can grow with your children and become a part of the celebration.