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Order a Star for Your Christmas Tree Online

Most  Christmas decorations, ornaments, baubles, lights and more are sold by the bundle, but there is just one ornament for the top of the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree star has a special significance and is the traditional choice for the top of a Christmas tree. It represents the star from the story of the three wise men who traveled to see the birth of Baby Jesus. Choosing a star for the top of your Christmas tree gives you a story to share with your children.

We offer several beautiful stars for your Christmas tree; The Silver Diamond Cut Star, The Gold Wire Star with Holographic Glitter, The Gold Glitter Star and The Silver Beaded Mirror Star.

Any of these beautiful stars you choose for your Christmas tree will be delivered to your door.

We also have all of the other decorations, lights, Christmas tree stands, and Christmas trees you will need. Visit the Scottish Christmas Trees Website for more.