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Nordman Fir Xmas Tree Sale

The Nordman Fir, first introduced in Britain in 1848, is likely the most popular choice for a Xmas Tree in the UK and Scotland. The symmetrical shape of the Nordman Fir makes it the perfect Xmas tree. The strong branches can hold your decorations without bending down much like with other Xmas tree choices.

The needles are not as prickly as with other types of Xmas trees. They are a shiny green colour and soft to the touch, making it ideal for including your children in decorating the treee.

The Nordman Fir has a wide base making it more beautiful and full-looking. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a Nordman Fir Xmas tree is that the needles seldom fall off the tree, meaning less of a mess at Xmas time. It is considered a non-needle drop Xmas tree. If you keep it watered, your Nordman Fir Xmas tree will stay as fresh as the day it was delivered to you.

The Nordman Fir Xmas tree is absolutely beautiful and looks like the perfect Xmas tree. It will become your family favourite.

Order your Nordman Fir Xmas tree today and have it delivered at your convenience.

We send standard orders out on a 3 day service. If you order more than 3 days in advance we dispatch 2 days prior to your preferred delivery date. Please remember that this is a preferred date and in a few cases we will require 1 extra working day after your chosen date to make your delivery. Refunds are only given to orders that are not delivered by the end of the 2nd day past your preferred delivery date. 98% of all our orders are delivered next day.