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Frazier Fir Xmas Tree Sale

Fraser Fir – The Xmas tree with a scent.

The Frazier Fir is the most popular choice for an Xmas Tree in North America and it is popular here in Great Britain as well. It is almost the perfect Xmas Tree as far as its’ shape is concerned and the needles are a shiny deep green color. Usually the Frazier Fir Xmas Trees are the most dense so the overall look brings images of Xmas even before you decorate it.

The Fraser Fir is the ideal choice for an indoor Xmas tree because the needles do not fall off as much as with other Xmas trees. The narrowness of the Frazier Fir Xmas tree makes it an ideal choice for families who have limited space as well.

The icing on the cake is the scent. A Frazier Fir Xmas Tree not only looks like Xmas, it also smells like Xmas. This is one of the reasons the Frazier Fir is popular at Xmas time.

Order your Frazier Fir Xmas Tree and have it delivered right to your door.

We send standard orders out on a 3 day service. If you order more than 3 days in advance we dispatch 2 days prior to your preferred delivery date. Please remember that this is a preferred date and in a few cases we will require 1 extra working day after your chosen date to make your delivery. Refunds are only given to orders that are not delivered by the end of the 2nd day past your preferred delivery date. 98% of all our orders are delivered next day.