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Traditional Christmas Tree or Artificial?

During Christmas, tradition is important. Sometimes we forget the joy we had as a child during Christmas and we want to do whatever is easiest, rather than what is traditional. Part of that is choosing a traditional Christmas Tree rather than an easier to handle artificial Christmas Tree.

Do you know how the Christmas tree tradition started in England or at least how the traditional Christmas Tree became popular? In 1841 Prince Albert, who was Queen Victoria’s husband, had a traditional Christmas tree imported from Germany and displayed it at Windsor Castle.

Newspaper stories with pictures of the Royal Family decorating their Christmas tree with their children made it fashionable. It went on to become a tradition. We don’t want our children to miss the magic that Christmas can bring, so we should continue traditions like having a traditional Christmas tree, real ornaments, real wreathes and belief in Santa Clause.

Sometimes it sounds a bit corny to honor these traditions, but to our children it’s magic.