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Real Vs Artifical Christmas trees

This debate has gone on for years and every one has thier own opinion, however there are some simple facts that set the two options apart.
Atrificial trees get more realistic every year but certain facts remain the same.

  • All are made from Oil and Steel based material both of which are a finite resourse. A large majority of artificial Christmas trees are made in countries where there are currently very few environmental controls on emissions of noxious gases.
  • They are transported great distances to reach the UK before they even get to any shop. When they have finally reached the end of their useable life your tree will end up in a land fill site where it WONT degrade.

On the other hand our real Christmas trees are a renewable resource growing in plantations that support a wide range of wild life both large and small.

  • As these trees grow they remove CO2 from the atmosphire and replace it with oxygen, there for helping to reduce the impact of global warming. One acre of trees provide enough oxygen for at least 18 people. Two and a half acres of Christmas Trees will absorb approximately 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.
  • Because our trees go to you direct from the grower there is only one transport phase, direct from the farm to your door.
  • When you have finished with your tree it can be recycled and put to many uses such as mulch for gardens.

A study carried out by Ellipso, Feb 2009 concludes. ‘The natural tree is a better option than the artificial tree, in particular with respect to impacts on climate change and resource depletion.’ To put things into perspective the CO2 emitted by the the two different trees would mean you have to ‘increase the life span of the artificial tree to over 20 years’ to balance the carbon foot print of the two options.

Artificial trees will last you a number of years, but will also last The Planet Earth an eternity in landfill sites.