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Choosing Christmas trees to sell this year

The last 4 weeks we’ve been very busy working on the field Christmas trees.   The men have been tying canes onto any leaders,  that were not straight, and I’ve been doing the same in the nursery with the pot grown Christmas trees.   I’ve also been shearing the sides of the pot grown trees, which will make them lovely and bushy.   Last week i marked any pot grown tree that we will sell this Christmas – by putting a different colour label on we can tell what height band the tree falls into.

This week we will mark the field trees that we hope to sell this Christmas

Rory and I are busy putting all our new Christmas lights and baubles onto the web site just now,  – so take a look.

Yesterday, when I was gardening my bird table was very busy with loads of different birds and it was great to see so many young birds at the table – especially, chaffinchs and siskins –  most mornings at about 7am a wood pecker comes for his breakfast.    I also  noticed that the swallows were beginning to line up on the telegraph lines – a sign that they’re thinking of going back to warmer climes?