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Summer Time

After a cold and very windy spring, summer arrived with a bang with some very warm days during June and early July – long overdue.

Christmas trees have been very slow to grow this year, but are growing fast now and catching up.    We are starting summer work with the Christmas trees and the men are shortening the leaders that are too long and  will then shear the sides of the trees to give them a better shape, all this will help to make the tree lovely and bushy.   As all you gardeners I’m sure are finding this year, aphids are causing a bit of havoc and we have had to debug the trees before any damage is done.    The trees have also had a couple of seaweed applications, which will help to make them stronger and healther.   It wont be long till we begin to select trees that will be good enough to sell this Christmas.

On the farm we are busy making silage to feed the cattle on during the winter, so lets hope that we get no rain for the next few days.

A new wild garden that we created last year is ablaze with colour just now – the poppies have been fantastic and each morning there is a mass of bumble bees collecting pollen from them.